Dell: not just computers

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If I say “Dell”what do you think?
Probably their computers, maybe laptops. Some might think Latitude XT, the company’s first tablet PC, someone else might think of XPS, ultrabooks that have been satisfying the most demanding users for years. Still others will think more of Alienware and those bodied laptops for gaming.
Yet at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Dell did not present any computers, tablets or peripherals. It was there because for some time there has been a new division, the Telecom Systems Business. What exactly does it do? I asked Sandro Tavares, Director of Marketing of this section.

Telecom Systems Business: what does it mean?

Sandro Tavares, Director of Marketing of Dell’s Telecom Systems Business division

“Looking at the evolution of telecommunications and considering that we are at the beginning of a great transformation – think for example of 5G – we have decided to expand our presence in the telco market. And so in June last year we announced a new telecommunications strategy, with the aim not only of providing basic infrastructure but also of develop solutions for networks and services that can exploit these new solutions. Thus the division was born Telecom Systems Business that takes advantage of the experience we have in Dell and in addition that of the people we have hired to give life to this branch of the company ”, Sandro Tavares tells me.

He is also one of the newcomers, returning from 19 years at Nokia and now ready to do what he can to help Dell grow in the communications industry. How? With both hardware and software, giving life to products that not only allow 5G to be taken everywhere but also to develop services based on the new network connectivity.
“We are already extremely happy with the results obtained so far. And this is just the beginning of our journey, ”explains Tavares, adding that the industry is showing positive signals and that Dell customers seem intent on building a path that really helps them evolve and transform.

The news of MWC 2022

But what is Dell doing at MWC 2022? It presents some novelty. The first is the Dell Telecom multi-cloud foundationan end-to-end turnkey solution that helps communications service providers build and deploy cloud-native networks with less time and resources: “Includes infrastructure – data centers, servers, switches and so on. via -, and integrated telecommunications cloud software platforms such as those of VMware, Wind River and Red Hat. “

As the name suggests, this is the base that will support all possible applications, but it is not the only novelty. Dell also announced the Open Ran accelerator card: “It allows you to reduce the load on the server CPU, removing the processor from the task of performing inline 5G Layer 1 processing. This allows for a significant increase in performance.”

Among the announcements of the MWC we also find the Dell Open telecom ecosystem lab solution integration platform, which helps communications service providers (CSPs) and partners securely connect their technical resources with Dell infrastructure and labs to develop and market edge and 5G services much faster.
Finally we have the Dell Validated design for the 5G core with Oracle and VMware which gives CSPs the ability to build a robust and scalable 5G core on a standard infrastructure in a secure and reliable manner.

To make all this possible are first of all partnerships with other companies: “We are creating an open ecosystem so it is essential to have good partners, also because it allows you to offer more possibilities, more solutions to customers. – says Sandro Tavares – This is why we are collaborating with both software producers and, in some cases, hardware producers, to have a flexible portfolio that can meet all the needs of our customers. It is a key element of our strategy. “

But why should companies turn to Dell and not one of the many other companies that offer the same telecommunications services?
“First of all why we want to create open solutions and a robust ecosystem that satisfies our customers. It is not one of those occasions in which a company can have all the answers so creating an ecosystem of solutions and partners is fundamental. And we think our approach in this area is quite unique. […] The other aspect concerns the technology we have, the knowledge we already have and the knowledge we will have thanks to new hires. We believe that all of this creates a unique mix. And then Dell is famous for the ability to manage the supply chain and to ensure that the best services and solutions are delivered to customers on time. […] Also considering my experience in other companies in the sector, I think Dell has a number of resources that will allow it to be successful in the world of telecommunications ”, concludes Sandro Tavares.