Apple mostra Crash Detection in un video

Apple mostra Crash Detection in un video thumbnail

Apple showed how the Crash Detection functionality on iPhone 14 and Apple Watch in a dedicated video. A service that detects any accidents in the car, whether you drive or are a passenger, and makes it easy to call for help if necessary.

Apple shows how Crash Detection works in a video

Apple’s new feature is not an absolute novelty, so much so that last year’s Google Pixels already had a setting to activate incident detection. But the Cupertino engineers worked on hardware and software to ensure that it is extremely precise and functional. And they were therefore proud to show how it works, even before the arrival of the devices that can use it.

In fact this function requires the hardware present in the new series of iPhone 14, in Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and in the new SE. Here is the video that explains how it works.

Apple explains that it will allow to recognize the more serious accidents, such as head-ons, rear-end collisions, side collisions and rollovers. All that is required is that the driver or passenger have a compatible device, on small cars, sedans, minivans, SUVs, pickups and other passenger cars (therefore not buses or trucks).

If you have an Apple Watch, you can interact with it. Alternatively, you can use your iPhone. An alarm will sound and, if you are not injured, you can swipe and call the emergency number. Otherwise, if nobody got hurt, you can delete.

However, if you fail to interact for 10 seconds, another 10 second countdown will start. At the end of which Apple Watch or iPhone they will automatically alert the rescuers.

In the supporting documentation it is explained that the Apple uses several sensors and even the microphone to detect an accidentbut retain all this data on the device only to protect privacy.

What do you think of this function, which we hope will never be useful? Let us know in the comments.