Apple releases Safari 16

Apple sta lavorando per risolvere il pericoloso bug di Safari thumbnail

Apple released yesterday Safari 16, thus bringing some macOS Ventura features to macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur, pending the launch of the new operating system in October. So let’s find out what options are available to users.

Safari 16: here are all the news of the update

The news coming with the release of Safari 16 are undoubtedly many. Among these the synchronization between devices – Mac, iPad, iPhone and MacBook – and it Strong Password Editing to increase the security of passwords and modify them to ensure that they are in line with the requirements of the different sites that users want to access. But these are just some of the features Apple is making available. Let’s see what the others are:

  • Tab group home pages allow you to add different background images and different favorites for each group
  • Pinned tabs in tab groups allow you to block frequently visited websites for each group
  • the tabs in the sidebar allow you to view a list of open tabs
  • settings selected for specific websites are now synced across all devices
  • Changing strong passwords allows you to change passwords to meet specific website requirements.

In short, many new features are coming with Safari 16, even if it seems that not all of them will be available equally for users. Beyond that, it is interesting to note that the update also fixes several WebKit vulnerability, which could track users via web extensions, lead to arbitrary code execution, and lead to UI spoofing. Sure, none of these vulnerabilities were known to be actively exploited, but it’s still worth upgrading to the new browser to get Safari 16 functionality.