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Apple Music for iOS 17 will introduce collaborative playlists and many other features

On the occasion of the arrival of iOS 17, scheduled for next fall, Apple Music will introduce a set of new featuresincluding also the playlist collaborativethe cross fade and the supporto SharePlay per CarPlay. This was revealed by, which has listed all the new arrivals on the music app of the big bitten apple.

All new Apple Music features for iOS 17

Collaborative playlists finally come to Apple Music

One of the most requested upcoming features is definitely collaborative playlists. These will give subscribers the ability to invite friends to add songs to a shared playlist. A feature particularly appreciated on competitor platforms, such as Spotify.

When someone adds a song to a collaborative playlist, their profile photo appears next to the song. People invited to the playlist will also be able to react to their favorite songs using emojis.

Apple says Collaborative Playlists will be available in an update later this year, so this feature may not be included in the iOS 17 release this fall.


Another new feature for Apple Music, which however has been present on other platforms for years, is the crossfade. When playing playlists or albums, you will move more smoothly from one song to another, avoiding the silences between one track and another.

Supporto SharePlay per CarPlay

iOS 17 will also introduce the support SharePlay per CarPlay. This means that if you are listening to music via CarPlay, you can use SharePlay to connect another iPhone to the car.

By accepting a notification or scanning a QR code, passengers in the back seat will also be able to play their favorite music and contribute to the playback.

Karaoke with camera support

It is an evolution of Apple Music Sing, which allows you to lower the volume of the original singer’s vocal track to be able to do a real karaoke on the original base. With iOS 17 this functionality will be integrated with the camera of the iPhone.

Users will thus be able to film themselves singing their favorite songs. Apple Music Sing will also support Continuity Camera, which allows you to wirelessly pair your iPhone or iPad with a Mac or Apple TV 4K and use them as a camera.

New user interface

The Apple Music UI will benefit from some quality of life improvements and design changes. The music player will feature full-screen animated graphics inspired by album artwork with integrated playback controls at the bottom.

Also, if you decide to minimize the music player, it will take on a depth effect that will make it seem to hover over the rest of the interface. Finally, Apple has made out-of-sync text more readable by adopting a larger, more readable font.

We remind you that the iOS 17 beta is available for free download on iPhone devices.

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