L'UE vuole bandire Huawei, ma l'azienda non ci sta thumbnail

The EU aims to ban Huawei and ZTE’s 5G, but they are not in for it

The EU wants to ban Huawei, but the company isn't there thumbnail

The phone company Huawei has strongly disagreed and its opposition to the statements of the representatives of the European Commission, who wants to ban the company’s network solutions from the EU. According to Huawei, these statements they are not based on technical, objective, transparent and verified assessments of 5G networks. Indeed, the European Commission has accused Chinese telecom giant Huawei and ZTE of posing a security threat to the Uee has announced that it will avoid using ismobile phone services based on the equipment of these companies.

The EU aims to ban Huawei and ZTE, but they are not in it

Huawei considers these to be “discriminatory limitations or exclusions that pose serious economic and social risks that they will hamper innovation and could cause distortions in the EU market“.

The company opposes what it calls “a measure contrary to free market principles” and asks to be protected by the laws of the EU and its member states, as well as their international commitments. “Cybersecurity is our top priority. Our company has a Transparency Center for Cyber ​​Security in Brussels. This center is open to customers and organizations conducting independent testing,” they add. In other words: they think this decision is political and not based on facts.


The European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton he expressed his concern about technology addictions that could threaten European interests. “We cannot take this risk for our common security.”

He announced that the Commission “will take appropriate security measures to avoid buying new connectivity services based on equipment from these providers”. The US has already done the same with five Chinese suppliers, including Huawei and ZTE. And it seems that Europe is ready to follow suit. Probably, we will not see other Chinese telecommunication antennas and solutions.

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