La beta di Apple Music mostra i testi sincronizzati delle canzoni anche da browser thumbnail

Apple Music shows the synchronized lyrics of the songs even from the browser

Apple is working on updates for the web version of Apple Musicsuch as the possibility of having texts also synchronized by browser. The functionality is particularly appreciated and, at the moment, only available on the app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Now, for the first time, it has arrived on the Beta version of Apple Music for the web (therefore from a browser, without an app).

The feature allows users to be able to view, while listening to an Apple Music song, the lyrics synchronized with the portion of the song being played, as would happen for example in a karaoke. Spotify, on the other hand, shows the lyrics in full, not following the real-time playback of the song.

The fact that the feature is in Beta version means that it will probably be available for everyone soon.

How to Test Synced Lyrics on Apple Music from Browser (Beta)

Eddy CueApple executive, reports (via 9to5mac) that Apple manually enters the lyrics, inviting users to send feedback if they find inaccuracies in the lyrics.

Once you have started playing a song on Apple Music, just click on the appropriate cartoon icon in the top left, next to your profile photo. At that point it will be possible to adapt the texts even in full screen. The feature is currently only available for apps and the beta version of Apple Music Web.

Apple Music Beta

Those who would like to try the browser functionality can access the beta version of Apple Music here. Conversely, the normal version of Apple Music Web, currently without synced lyrics, is available here.

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