Il mondo dei veicoli elettrici ha un nuovo player: arriva in Europa Sarkcyber thumbnail

The world of electric two-wheelers has a new player: Sarkcyber arrives in Europe

The world of electric vehicles has a new player: Sarkcyber thumbnail arrives in Europe

What better opportunity than EICMA 2022 (International Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition) to present a new player in the world of two wheels? During the fair it made its debut on the European market Sarkcyber, the new manufacturer of electric and design two-wheeled vehicles. The brand presented its solutions with a dedicated stand.

Sarkcyber was born in Shanghai, thanks to the experience of the former Honda technicians. “The company’s mission is to develop the best urban mobility experience, through a fleet of electric scooters and scooters capable of combining cutting-edge technology with an attractive design” reads a press release from the brand.

Let’s discover the electric vehicles of the Sarkcyber fleet

During EICMA 2022, the company presented several models that will make up the first electric fleet, which will soon make its debut on the European market. Among the novelties on display at the Sarkcyber stand (located in Hall 13 – U93) we find:

  • HC10 CETUS: the first model of sport electric scooter made by Sarkcyber Technology. The vehicle is based on the Power Integration Platform, a technology totally developed by Sarkcyber that covers the motor, controller and air-cooling. The system consists of a soft and non-welded connection between the motor and the controller which, by eliminating the classic wiring, guarantees greater power, efficiency and stability. The vehicle is equipped with an 18000w high-power central motor and a BMS System capable of guaranteeing continuous monitoring of the battery charge and intelligently managing the autonomy and safety of the vehicle. The HC10 is capable of covering a distance of up to 180km on a single charge, reaching a top speed of 125km / h and going from 0 to 50km / h in just 2.6 seconds. The battery also charges to 80% in two hours.

Sarkcyber electric vehicles 1

  • HC200: zero-emission and high-performance scooters


  • Q1: the design electric scooter, with a declared range of 45 km and a maximum speed that potentially reaches 50 km / h. For the Italian market it will be calibrated at 20 km / h in compliance with current regulations. The footplate, 68.58 cm long and 18.8 cm long, guarantees stability and great comfort for those who drive it.


  • X1: another scooter, considered the “big brother” of the P1. It is a unique electric vehicle of its kind. It is in fact equipped with two large wheels of about 40 cm in diameter that give additional safety on any type of road. The vehicle has a guaranteed range of 60 km with a constant speed of 20 km / h.

SSS03841 2

  • G-Kargo: a scooter designed for delivery services, with a rear case capable of carrying loads up to 80 kg and a battery range of up to 75 km.


  • ZS20 Draco: a totally green sports bike, available in two models: Hub and Mid Drive. The first reaches a maximum speed of 67 km / h for a range between 50 and 100 km. Mid Drive is instead equipped with a 4000w battery for a maximum speed of 95 km / h and 110 km of autonomy.

ZS20X picture

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