Apple: officially discontinued support for iOS 14.7

Apple: cessato ufficialmente il supporto ad iOS 14.7 thumbnail

After the release of iOS 14.7.1 last week, Apple has stopped supporting iOS 14.7, the previously available version of the operating system released in early July. Since the old system is no longer supported by the company, it will not be possible to downgrade to iOS 14.7, if you have already installed iOS 14.7.1.

Apple: discontinued support for iOS 14.7

Regularly discontinuing support for previous versions of software updates after the release of their new incarnations is a fairly common practice for Apple, which serves the company to encourage customers to keep their operating systems updated to the latest version available.

iOS 14.7, when it came out in early July, added MagSafe battery support and fixed several bugs. Now, iOS 14.7.1 includes a security fix aimed at fixing some specific bugs and solving an issue that could prevent phones using the Touch ID to unlock an Apple Watch connected to the device.

Since iOS 14.7.1 includes fundamental patches that fix bugs that are sometimes disabling, the Cupertino company has judged it very important that all iOS users update as soon as possible. Obviously, it is precisely to further promote the update that support for the previous version of the operating system has been discontinued.

Meanwhile, it is very close to the arrival of iOS 15, the most modern version of the Apple operating system. The new update promises many new features and new features, and is already available in public beta. Among others, some applications that will undergo a metamorphosis are Safari, Focus e FaceTime, in addition, new features will be introduced to protect the user’s privacy even more effectively, a theme that is very dear to the company of the bitten apple.

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