Apple Pay: the company accused of anti-competitive behavior

Apple rischia un'accusa di comportamenti anticoncorrenziali a causa di Apple Pay thumbnail

Apple he may have to deal, very soon, with new allegations of anti-competitive behavior in the EU, this time linked to Apple Pay. The European authorities are preparing to present the allegations, in a formal way, next week. At the heart of the matter is the payment system for iPhones with Apple blocking theaccess to NFC hardware for third-party companies. Here are the details:

Apple risks new penalties for anti-competitive behavior related to the use of Apple Pay in the EU

The inability for competing companies to access the NFC chip of iPhones is at the center of the new allegations, anticipate dal Financial Timesarriving from the EU ad Apple that would have engaged in anti-competitive behavior for Apple Pay. The news will most likely be confirmed next week when the EU is expected to file formal allegations.

Access blocked to competing companies

At the moment, only Apple Pay can use the NFC chip on iPhones for contactless payments. For third-party app developers, there are numerous limitations to contend with. All of these limitations, according to the EU, could represent anti-competitive behavior by Apple. The Cupertino company, therefore, risks having to deal with a new penalty or having to further open its operating system, guaranteeing free access to the NFC chip to other companies.

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