WhatsApp Down: worldwide problems for the messaging app

WhatsApp Down: segnalazioni di malfunzionamenti in tutto il mondo thumbnail

WhatsApp Down

There is no peace for the most popular messaging app in the world. As can be seen from Downdetector and its hashtag on Twitter, WhatsApp is down in different areas of the world. At the moment, neither the causes nor the timing for solving the problem are clear. Unlike other similar cases, the down at the moment seems to concern only WhatsApp, while there are no problems on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct, the other main applications of the Meta family.

WhatsApp Down: what’s happening

WhatsApp Down

If you try to access Whatsapp, the classic message “Connection …” appears, which usually lasts a few moments. In this case, the wait goes on, making it impossible to receive messages. Instead, we can try to send communications to our favorite contacts, which will however be delivered only when the app starts working again. On Twitter, which as always is the first virtual place to look for information in real time on misunderstandings of this type, the irony of users has already been unleashed. Many emphasize the frequency of these blocks, while others even invite Elon Musk to also detect WhatsApp, as already done for Twitter itself. In the hope that the WhatsApp down is running out, we will not fail to give you updates on the resolution of the problem.

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