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Apple, Pixar, Adobe and NVIDIA team up to create 3D content for Vision Pro

Apple continues to cultivate ambitions in the field of virtual reality and demonstrates it by announcing the birth of theAlliance for OpenUSD. It is a group of leading companies in the 3D graphics industry (including Pixar, Adobe, Autodesk e NVIDIA), who have come together to promote the use of a common technology for the description of 3D scenes: the Open Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD, in fact). The technology will facilitate the creation of 3D content and experience for Apple Vision Pro.

Alliance for OpenUSD serving Apple Vision Pro

This technology, originally developed by Pixar Animation Studios, allows you to create 3D content more easily and collaboratively, taking advantage of different tools of the various companies. OpenUSD is a high-performance content platform that ensures strong interoperability between data and 3D tools. It has already been used successfully for the production of animated films, but now it is proposed as an ideal solution for other industries and applications as well, including virtual reality.

This alliance is an important signal for the future of Vision ProApple’s virtual reality headset. In fact, with the support of Pixar, one of the major animation studios in the world, Apple will be able to offer its users 3D content of the highest quality and immersiveness.

But the other companies in the alliance also have a lot to offer: Adobe, for example, is pioneering the use of generative AI to create realistic images with Photoshop. Now the combination of human creativity and AI technology could lead to surprising results.

At the moment Apple Vision Pro does not yet have an official release date, but it should arrive on the market within the first half of 2024.

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