Apple: postponed the implementation of the “Where is” feature for Airpods

L'ultima beta di iOS 15 rimuove automaticamente i riflessi indesiderati dalle foto thumbnail

Apple, updating the page relating to the features of iOS 15, makes it known that the Find my Network feature will arrive in late autumn for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. The version of iOS 15 will therefore come out, at least initially, without this feature.

Apple: iOS 15 will lack the Where Is feature

Apparently the Where is feature (which in English is called Find my network) will not be released along with iOS15. This is confirmed by the macrumors portal, which highlights how Apple has recently changed the page relating to the features of the new operating system. According to what was stated by Cupertino, the support will be available “in late autumn”. A delay that also has consequences on AirPods Pro e AirPods Max, which will therefore be devoid of this functionality.

Although Apple has not provided an explanation for this delay, it must be said that there are many features that will only be implemented with future updates. Among these we point out SharePlay and the ability to add ID documents to the Wallet app. However, the Cloud Private Relay feature, which is currently in beta testing, is also expected to arrive soon.

How it works is very simple. If you lose your AirPods and someone else with an Apple device approaches them, the network will be able to broadcast the approximate location of the earbuds to you. In this way it will be enough to make them ring to locate the lost devices. Not too long ago we explained specifically how this feature works in this article.

The release of iOS 15 is scheduled for tomorrow, after a beta test period that lasted over three months. The update will be released on all Apple devices equipped with iOS 14. If you want to know all the news related to iOS 15 read our dedicated article.