Quantic Dream: a new Star Wars themed game is possible

Quantic Dream seems headed for a new interactive experience, by partnering with Disney to develop a game from the Star Wars saga

Following the conclusion of the contract that established the publication of three Sony exclusives in 2019, and achieved independence from the company in February, Quantic Dream explored new possibilities with other existing companies and studios. While as far as Disney is concerned, this has recently opened up to other development houses besides Electronic Arts for the creation of titles relating to Star Wars: in fact, in addition to the remake of the renowned Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, we know that an open-world branded Ubisoft and LucasFilm is also in production and, perhaps, even a title branded Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream has a Star Wars game in development: Origins of Rumor

The news, still unconfirmed, took hold after rumors spread by the French Youtuber Gatouz. Tom Henderson, known for the various leaks he releases on Twitter, for example the last one concerning the postponement of Battlefield 2042 to November, has thought of giving a hand to his hypotheses. Henderson has not explicitly stated anything about the new work of Quantic Dream , but has taken steps to fuel the expectations, through a tweet with an image of Detroit: Become Human e due spade laser.

Then linking the video of the Youtuber, making this pairing no longer just a far-fetched idea. In an article on DualShockers, he says he spoke to someone who has contact with David Cage’s studio, and who confirmed to him how the game was. in development for about 18 months. A Star Wars game that stands out from the usual genres to delve into a deeper narrative seems to intrigue fans, and this is already a good first step for the first independent studio title Quantic Dream.

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