Apple promuove AirPods e Spatial Audio con un effetto su TikTok thumbnail

Apple promotes AirPods and Spatial Audio with an effect on TikTok

Earlier this month, Apple launched a new campaign starring Harry Styles to promote AirPods and Spatial Audio. The announcement shows a series of people dancing to the tune of “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”, in perfect Apple style. But now the Cupertino company is outdoing itself by launching a filter on TikTok to promote the new AirPods. For the occasion, indeed, he has chosen to involve creators of the caliber of Kendra Willis, Nifè and Yai Ariza, in order to entice users to use the new filter.

AirPods: Apple launches a TikTok filter to promote wireless headphones

To promote the AirPods, Apple has launched a new TikTok filter that allows users to dance to the beat of “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”. With the Silhouette effect it is possible to experience a new dimension of sound with the Spatial Audio. But for all those who don’t own Apple earphones, the TikTok filter allows you to add them a 3D version, so you can dance to the rhythm of music. Using the filter, as you can imagine, is easier than ever: just open TikTok and look for the “AirPods silhouettes” effect, record the video and then share it on the platform.

AirPods Apple TikTok

If you are surprised by the idea that Apple can promote a product on TikTok, know that this is by no means the first time. In 2021, the company teamed up with the singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo, who released a music video “made with the iPad“. Together, the Cupertino-based company and Rodrigo chose TikTok to encourage users to create and share music video-like masks created using Procreate. And even earlier, in 2020, Apple first used its TikTok account to promote the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini with fun videos created by the platform’s influencers.

At this point, it’s no surprise that Apple has chosen social media to promote its AirPods again. On the other hand, which of you can’t wait to try the Silhouettes filter now?

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