In Russia, you can no longer download Windows 10 and 11

In Russia non si può più scaricare Windows 10 e 11 thumbnail

Without any particular announcement, Microsoft removed the images of Windows 10 and 11 from Russia: Russian users they can no longer download the operating system. Even the Media Creation Toolthe utility to install the operating system from a key or disk, is no longer available.

Russia, Microsoft removes the ability to download Windows 10 and 11

As early as March, Microsoft had announced the suspension of all its sales in Russia. A choice that came after the United States called for a boycott, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After three months, the company had announced thethe dismissal of over 400 local employees, given the situation in the country.

But without any announcements, the end of the PC OS download also comes. Trying to download the images or the installation tool from an external device in Russia, a 404 error message appears. However, it seems that it can be remedied changing the IP address with a VPN and language from the Microsoft site.

According to data from StatCounter, Windows is still the most popular operating system in Russia. The 75.54% of computers in fact it has the Redmond operating system in May 2022. The second place goes to macOS, with only 14.98%, while Linux is even further behind with 2.45% (excluding ChromeOS).

Microsoft has not released any information regarding the decision to suspend the download of Windows 10 and 11 in Russia. Even if it seems like a decision taken in the wake of the Russian boycott. It is currently impossible to assess the economic impact of this decision for Windows and Russian companies.

We will keep you updated in case of further news regarding the affair.

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