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Apple promotes the endurance of the iPhone 13

Just today Apple released two new iPhone 13 videos on its YouTube channel. One promotes the Ceramic Shield tempered glassand the other the water resistance smartphone. Both accompanied by the slogan “Relax, it’s an iPhone”, used for the first time for the iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 13: Apple promotes smartphone endurance in two new videos

Apple returns to talk about the resistance of the iPhone 13 with two new videos on its YouTube channel, showing the smartphone in rather adverse conditions, from which it comes out practically unscathed. Both videos are accompanied by the slogan “Relax, it’s an iPhone”, which we first saw at the launch of the iPhone 12. “In the commercial called Cook, a clumsy cook tries to learn a recipe while reading passages on the his iPhone 12. The result is that he pours a lot of sauce on the iPhone, fills it with flour and hits the smartphone with a pepper mill many times. At the end of the announcement, the cook drops his iPhone 12 once more in the sink, and then cleans it with running water. ‘Stronger than ever. Relax, it’s iPhone ‘, that’s how the commercial ends “.

A few months later, the same slogan was used in another video promoting the iPhone 12’s stamina. talk on the phone. The iPhone 12 falls to the ground and, as you might expect, nothing happens to it. ‘iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. Stronger than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone, ‘says Apple in the video description “. And then once again we saw the slogan in a promotional video where a farmer loses an iPhone in a haystack and uses the Apple smartwatch to locate and retrieve it. Recently, however, the company deleted these videos from the YouTube channel, perhaps to prevent users from getting confused.

And now, in fact, here comes the content related to the iPhone 13, which seems to be selling very well despite all eyes are already on the future iPhone 14. “The volume growth in the ultra premium segment was driven by Apple and Samsung. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro together earned over two-thirds of the sales volume within the ultra premium price segment. This was driven by strong volume growth in the US, China and Western Europe ”. At this point, therefore, one would think that there would not even be a need to further promote the smartphone. But Apple doesn’t seem to be satisfied.

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