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Tudum is back, the virtual Netflix event dedicated to fans from all over the world

On September 24, a new edition of Tudum returns, the virtual (and free) Netflix event dedicated to fans from all over the world

Saturday 24 September, the highly anticipated will return Tudum, the virtual event organized by Netflix for fans of all the world.

Last year it reached over 25 million views in 184 countries of all the world.

It is a’exciting day based on the Netflix worldduring which exclusive news, trailers and previews will be announced.

There will be interviews with the best creators and with the biggest stars of the streaming giant and 5 absolutely global events will take place.

The event is a Homage to Netflix fans, so it’s completely free and is dedicated to sharing news on over 100 popular TV series, movies and specials from around the world.

Tudum is back, the virtual Netflix event dedicated to fans from all over the world

Global events

On September 24, Tudum will come to cover four continents thanks to five eventstransporting fans on a whirlwind tour around the world:

  • On September 24 at 4:00 am, Tudum will start with a show from Korea.
  • On September 24 at 7:30 am, fans will have the opportunity to see some premieres from India.
  • On September 24 at 7pm, fans will receive exclusive news on upcoming TV series and movies in the US and Europe and will be able to attend an additional event that will announce numerous titles coming fromAmerica Latina.
  • On 25 September at 6:00 am, Netflix star from Japan will conclude Tudum with an event dedicated toJapanese entertainment.

It will be possible to follow Tudum on all Netflix YouTube channels in various languages.

Click here for more information on what’s new in this wonderful event and for more details on the list of titles and celebrities who will take part in it.

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