Apple punta sul Made in USA: nuovo accordo multi-miliardario con Broadcom thumbnail

Apple punta sui chip Made in USA

Apple focuses on Made in USA: new multi-billion dollar agreement with Broadcom thumbnail

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Apple’s future is increasingly linked to the production of components in the USA. Also and above all with the aim of reducing its dependence on China, in fact, the Cupertino company has renewed its agreement with Broadcom for the creation of components for 5G and wireless connectivity. The deal is “multi billionaire” and represents a central element of Apple’s strategy for the future.

Apple focuses on chips Made in the USA: agreement with Broadcom

In 2021, Apple has pledged to invest up to $430 billion in the US economy. As part of this commitment, the Cupertino company has announced an important agreement, which follows one already signed in January 2020, with Broadcom.

This multi-billion dollar deal (the total figure is not known) is linked to the fsupply of components linked to 5G connectivity and other wireless connections of Apple devices. This is a multi-year agreement.

It should be noted that this new agreement for Made in USA chips could result in Apple’s choice to put the project of a proprietary 5G modem. The project in question has been in development for some time but has not yet reached an advanced stage.

For the near future, in any case, products Apple should make extensive use of chips provided by Broadcom which becomes an increasingly important partner for the Cupertino company with the possibility of further strengthening a bond that has been going on for some time.

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