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Build 2023: Microsoft’s plans for the digital future

It officially started on Microsoft Builds 2023, the keynote that disclosed all the news relating to the company’s products. Held by the CEO Satya NadellaBuild 2023 had the theme ofgenerative artificial intelligence. But not only that: the concepts of copilot e plugin. Let’s find out together what they mean.

Build 2023, the concepts of copilot and plugins are explained at the conference

During the Build 2023 keynote, the Microsoft CEO introduced two new concepts that it seems will accompany us from now on. The first is the copilot and is an application that uses Large Language Models (LLMs), such as GPT-4, to help users perform complex tasks. Microsoft introduced the concept of copilot nearly two years ago with GitHub Copilot, a tool which assists developers in writing code.

I pluginon the other hand, are tools that allow you to add functionality to AI systems through the use of the APIs of other software and services to offer real-time information.

On the first day of the keynote, it was illustrated how these two concepts, co-pilot and plugin, can be integrated into the company’s various products. Developers can create plugins that work with ChatGPT, Bing, Dynamics 365 Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Bing, which will become the default search engine of ChatGPT (initially only for the Plus version), will support plugins.

Additionally, there will be three types of plugins: ChatGPT, extensions for Microsoft Teams e connectors for Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft 365 Copilot will also be integrated into Edge.

windows 11Greece Athens, July 8 2021. Man working with a laptop, Windows 11 new Microsoft operating system on computer display, business office desk background.

Build 2023: news on Windows 11 could not be missing

Windows 11 is the brand new operating system from Microsoft: in fact, news related to it could not be missing in an important event such as Build 2023.

It will be possible to use the assistant Windows Copilot which exploits Bing Chat along with its plugins and those of third parties. Just click the button in the system tray to open the copilot along the right side of the screen. Windows Copilot will be available in preview from the month of June.

Another fundamental element for the development and success of Windows 11 is the protection of data and information of the user. There will be the possibility to block access to the presence sensor by installed applications.

As far as accessibility is concerned, the live caption introduced last year are available for 10 new languages, includingItalian.

Another novelty concerns Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, developed in collaboration with Samsung and Intel for wireless audio transmission with low power consumption. Then there are further tweaks to the layout of the widget and functionality Windows 365 Boot which will allow you to automatically login to the PC on the cloud when you turn it on.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of Microsoft technology

As already mentioned above, thegenerative artificial intelligence is the focus of this year’s keynote. In fact, it must be emphasized that the new section will be in the Microsoft Store AI-Hub with the best AI apps. Developers will be able to use tools to generate search tags for apps. Users, on the other hand, will be able to see a summary of the reviews generated by the artificial intelligence itself in very quality elevated.

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