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Apple Reality Pro, new details on the AR / VR viewer

New rumors on the set for Apple’s augmented and virtual reality, which should be called Reality Pro: details on the features and also on the price are leaked online. The headset will have a variety of sensors to be able to quickly switch from AR to VR. All technology that, it seems, will cost quite a lot.

Apple Reality Pro, details on the new Apple viewer

The new rumors come from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, an expert on the Apple environment. According to reports, all one thousand engineers at the Technology Development Group have spent the last seven years working on Apple’s first headset: the Apple Reality Pro. A top-of-the-range device, even at a price of “around $3,000”.

It will have viewers that will be able to analyze the movement of the eyes, but also that of the hands: the external cameras will also be used for this. “The headset will have several external cameras that can analyze a user’s hands, as well as sensors inside the gadget to read the eyes. This allows the wearer to control the device by looking at an element on the screen, whether it’s a button, an app icon or a list item, to select it,” explains Gurman.

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Navigation will feel natural. “Users will then bring their thumb and forefinger together to activate a feature, without needing to hold anything in their hand. The approach differs from other headsets, which typically rely on a hand controller“.

According to Gurman, we should find a “Digital Crown” similar to the Apple Watch to switch between AR and VR modes. Seeing that “the content vanishes and is surrounded by the user’s real environment” will be one of the strengths of the headset.

The device should have batteries to carry in your pocket and connect via cable, also to reduce the heat around the face. The battery will be “as thick as two iPhone 14 Pro Max stacked on top of each other”. The device will also serve as a display for the Mac (using keyboard and mouse”, also because you will find apps such as Safari, Photos, Messages and Apple TV. There will be several features, but immersive videos and VR video games will be the strong point of the experience, along with the ability to use FaceTime in VR.

Apple therefore seems to be betting a lot on the success of this device, even if the price could be prohibitive for many. The product is expected to debut in the spring, perhaps at the WWDC 2023 event.

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