In arrivo la versione premium di ChatGPT a 42 dollari al mese. O forse no thumbnail

The premium version of ChatGPT is coming for $42/month. Or maybe not

It is not yet clear whether it was a publicity stunt, an error or a joke, but the mystery involving the web is linked to the $42/month premium version of ChatGPT.

Joke or reality?

Is a premium version of ChatGPT really on the way?

In the last few hours social networks have literally gone crazy trying to unravel the skein behind the mystery: does OpenAI really intend to open up to a premium version of ChatGPT?

The question is not exactly clear, especially if we think that currently the rumors are mainly circulating on Reddit e Twitter.

As we can well see from the screenshot published on the most talked-about social platform of the moment, on the OpenAI website it would be possible to register both for free and by subscribing to a $42 monthly subscription for a version of ChatGPT more accurate.

However, one question remains: why il pop-up which invited users to make a choice between the two subscriptions has suddenly disappeared A few hours later?

There are many hypotheses that have run after each other: some have questioned the veracity of the thing, others have simply thought of a joke. However, on Reddit there are those who have managed to prove that they have paid for the subscription, to enjoy some advantages of the ChatGPT premium line such as unlimited and priority accesswithout risking being kicked out due to too high usage by users.

The position of OpenAI

To make the mystery even more dense is the fact that OpenAI has not communicated anything on its social channels. What is certain is that already in recent weeks one of co-founders of the company had posted on Twitter a tweet about future intentions about ChatGPT.

In short, there are projects on ChatGPT for 42 dollars or less and they also promise to be huge. Yet there are those who have equally criticized the choice of the alleged price, doing it in a witty way. Indeed some Twitter users have directly asked the artificial intelligence whether or not the $42 threshold for a premium membership was too expensive.

The risk, in fact, is that the price is too high limit usage who can actually afford to pay a similar monthly cost. Currently, however, there are still no official answers relating to the veracity or otherwise of a premium version ChatGPT.

All that will remain is therefore to wait for news from OpenAI or, for those who intend to take it ironically, ask the artificial intelligence directly.

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