Apple releases watchOS 9.0.2, with several bug fixes

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Apple today announced, along with iOS 16.0.3another software update that fixes some bugs Apple Watch: watchOS 9.0.2. The new update solves the streaming problems with Spotify and the interruptions of the microphones seen on Apple Watch Series 8 e Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple releases watchOS 9.0.2, with more than one bug fix

Apple explains in its update notes that, as we might have expected, this update serves above all to solve problems: no new features coming. With the new Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra just arriving on the market, it can happen that there are unexpected software problems. But there are also some generalized software issues that are escaped during beta tests.

In particular, some users had had problems with it streaming audio su Spotify, but that should now be resolved. Also, there are fixes for the Apple Watch alarm problemwhich kept sending notifications after the alarm was removed for users AssistiveTouch.

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Furthermore, this update fixes the problem of synchronization of dati Fitness e Wallet for Apple Watch just connected to iPhone. And finally, it solves an important problem for Apple Watch Series 8 e Ultrawhich had encountered some audio interruptions in the built-in microphone.

To be able to update, you need to go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to General, Software update. You can then download and install the update on your watch. But remember that 50% battery required. In addition, Apple Watch must be connected to the charger and must remain close to your iPhone.