One Piece reveals six different Vegapunk | Jump Highlights

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The new chapter of One Piece will make your head spin with its revelations: the scientist Vegapunk divided into six different bodies, and his revolutionary inventions. In My Hero Academia, Midoriya uses the full power of the One for All

As expected by many fans, the young woman introduced herself as Vegapunk he is not the real scientist. Or rather, not only: as it will be revealed to us, the most evolved mind in the world of One Piece it divided into six different bodies, numbered from 01 to 06.

Each body has its own name and associated quality: the woman facing the Mugi is Lilith, la malevolezza. In the same chapter we find out 01, Shakalogic, and finally the one encountered by Luffy, Atlas, l’ira.

The two-week wait was worth it, for the fans: the Egghead Island saga promises to reveal some of the most important secrets of the work of Eichiro Oda. The same Vegapunk bodies are also called “satellites”, and they are just six, like the satellites that appear in the planetarium of Ohara. In the scientist’s laboratory, a mammoth hologram of a “space monster” appears with the shape of a fruit in the throat. Suggestions that suggest the arrival of new, incredible revelations.

As always, we can wait for the next chapter to be released for free on MangaPlus.

One Piece reveals six different Vegapunk |  Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

With the arrival of Midoriya on the battlefield, it appears that My Hero Academia is entering its definitive climax.

Deku, after seeing the status of bakugou, shows the full power of the One for All and the quirks of its predecessors who owned it. Combining them, he manages to deliver decisive blows to the body of Your entryowned by the All for One.

The situation is different in Black Clover, the other long-running work of Jump. Here, Asta has just begun his training path that will lead him to fight on par with the final enemy of the work, a corrupt Julius Nova.