Apple renews the Open Source section of the site

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In the last few hours, Apple has announced the redesign of the “Open Source” section of its website, which features projects such as Swift, WebKit, ResearchKit, FoundationDB, and more. The site is available at On the other hand, the Cupertino company has always dedicated a section of its website to Open Source. And now he has done nothing but renew it. Let’s see how.

Apple: the site renews the section dedicated to Open Source

Apple’s site features two different sections: a featured section that includes a selection of the company’s open source work, and a second that includes downloadable versions. In particular, the featured projects section includes projects led by Tim Cook’s company and developed with the Open Source community. And then also projects directed by organizations outside the company, but to which Apple engineers have contributed.


The “Release” section, on the other hand, will see Apple make its open source versions available as a git repository on GitHub, which will make them more accessible to software developers. The Cupertino-based company has added improved functionality for searching, viewing the differences between different versions and navigating the code in macOS, iOS and developer tools. In short, many improvements that interest developers. And that will allow open source projects to get all the attention they deserve. In any case, we suggest you visit the site to try to live this experience.

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