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Apple responds to employees who report workplace harassment

Let’s go back once again to talk about the lives of Apple employees. These days, in fact, the Financial Times has published a long report in which it states that the company has promoted a culture of apathy against reports of employee misconduct. And, indeed, she actively reacted against staff members who complained about colleagues, including women who reported incidents of harassment at work. Apparently, these allegations are at odds with the image of inclusiveness that Apple is building. And they overshadow the progress it has made in strengthening the diversity of its workforce.

Apple against employees who reported harassment

As far as we know, there are many women who have filed complaints with Apple’s Human Resources sexual abuse, bullying and other accidents. The former employee Megan Mohr, for example, reported the incident in which a colleague took off her bra and clothes while she was sleeping, and took pictures of her after an evening together. An event that the Head of Human Resources has defined as “a small accident on the way“. “While what she did was reprehensible as a person and potentially criminal, as an Apple employee she did not violate any policies in the context of her work with Apple,” he said. And since he has not violated any policies, we will not stop him from seeking job opportunities in line with his goals and interests. “

But Megan Mohr isn’t alone in reporting workplace harassment. An Apple Store Genius employee reported two cases of severe sexual assaults, including rape. But even in this case, Human Resources proved to be anything but useful. “I was told that [il presunto stupratore] she had a “professional suspension” for six months and they said: ‘maybe you will be better when he comes back?’ “, said the woman. The lawyer Margaret Anderson, then, she complained of a “toxic work environment”. And she said a male vice president wanted to fire her, citing false allegations prior to her joining Apple. In short, the situation of women employees at Apple is not an easy one.

In any case, it seems that many employees of the company have complained of the Slack channel lock used to complain about bad managers and wage unfairness. Beyond this, the most high-profile complaint was of Jayne Whitt, a director of Apple’s legal department. Apparently, she reported to Human Resources that a colleague has hacked her devices and has threatened his life, with the expectation that the complaint would be treated seriously. But it didn’t happen that way. The Apple Employee Investigation Division said Whitt “did not act professionally and appropriately” during the meeting. In response, the lawyer published a 2800-word text on The Lioness platform, detailing what happened. A gesture that immediately received the support of company employees.

In any case, Apple fired Whitt on the basis of an “irrelevant” indiscretion of six years earlier. And now the lawyer is officially in litigation with the company. In response, a company spokesperson said Apple works hard to thoroughly investigate allegations of misconduct, and strives to create “an environment in which employees feel comfortable reporting any concerns.” Still, the same company admitted it failed. Having clarified this, on the basis of what values ​​do you hope to be able to respond to employee complaints?

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