Koch Media cambia nome e diventa PLAION thumbnail

Koch Media changes its name: it is now called PLAION

Koch Media changes its name and becomes PLAION thumbnail

Change of name for Koch Media which, from August, will take on the new name of PLAION. All the companies that are part of the group will be the protagonists of a complete rebranding, taking on the name PLAION. Here are the details regarding the name change and the new strategy of the company:

Koch Media changes its name: PLAION is born

PLAION it is, therefore, the new name of one of the most important realities in the international videogame sector. The name is a clear one reference to “play” and to the videogame universe that represents the reference point of the company formerly known as Koch Media. Now PLAION sets itself the mission of offering unique entertainment experiences for its users. All details regarding the change of name and the new corporate strategy are available via the PLAION official website.

Clement Kundratitz, Co-founder and CEO at PLAION, says: “Over the past 28 years, we have built an incredibly strong business by partnering with many of the best-known names in the industry. Since joining the Embracer Group in 2018, our growth has accelerated and we have become increasingly layered to reflect the evolving nature of our business in terms of not only content, but geography as well as we continue our expansion around the world. We have chosen our new name to better represent who we are and the journey we are making ”.

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