Apple says goodbye to macOS Server

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Apple has officially announced the end of support for macOS Server. The application created by the Cupertino house made its debut in 1999 and today, after 23 years, it is preparing for retirement. From today, in fact, macOS Server is no longer officially supported by the American house which will not release additional functions. Here are the reasons for this choice.

Apple stops supporting macOS Server: app functions are already available in the operating system

Lthe latest version of the app will be 5.12. Users will be able to continue to use macOS Server with macOS Monterey but, for the future, compatibility, as well as correct functioning, with the next versions of Apple’s operating system will not be guaranteed. The choice of the Cupertino house to end support for macOS Server is officially linked to app redundancy. Many of the features of this application have been integrated, update after update, in macOS. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to use an additional app to access the functions in question. More details on macOS Server and the end of support can be found on the Apple official website.

An alternative solution for users

Users who were still using macOS Server will now need to find one alternative solution. The app will continue to work but the support has ended and, therefore, there will be no further updates and future optimizations. Apple will not propose alternative solutions, considering the tools that macOS already makes available to users sufficient. The macOS Server application, after 23 years of honorable career, thus ends its journey.

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