Apple still leader in the field of smartwatches with Apple Watch

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Despite attempts by competitors, Apple Watch continues to be a leader in the smartwatch industry. The device of the House of Cupertino is still the most popular in its field, and dominates the market with a share of 28%, according to the organization’s analysis. Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

Apple Watch owners have surpassed the staggering quota of 100 million. Either way, the pressure from other tech companies is being felt. Last year, Apple Watch topped with a share of 30.1%, 2.1 percentage points higher than the most recent.

Behind the company led by Tim Cook are two other technology giants: we are talking about Huawei and Samsung, which try to undermine the domination of the bitten apple to the sound of new and increasingly well-finished products. Huawei holds 9.1% of market shares, while Samsung stands at 7.6%. Completing the Top 5 of the main companies are Imoo and Garmin.

Most popular smartwatches, Apple Watch dominates

As for the most popular smartwatches, here is the list:

Even in this ranking, Apple’s dominance is clear, placing 3 out of 6 devices in the ranking of the most popular. It also earns 2 out of 3 places on the podium, with the South Korean company’s smartwatch finishing in third place.

Apple and premium design

However, the demand for smartwatches around the world continues to increase. I am devices sold for less than 100 euros to attract more public attention, for obvious reasons of accessibility. Considering how much watches and smartwatches are also considered luxury items, such as jewelry, it is not surprising that Apple’s dominance.

The US company has always established itself as a leader in the field of design and materials, creating devices precious and premium as well as technological.

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