Final Fantasy XIV: make a beautiful cake to celebrate the 8th anniversary

Culinary phenomenon Kim-Joy made a cake to celebrate Final Fantasy XIV’s 8th anniversary. The celebrations continue with The Rising event

Square Enix is ​​happy to kick off the celebrations for the eighth birthday of the popular Final Fantasy MMO. For the occasion, the culinary star and finalist at The Great British Bake Off, celebrates the anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV with a very tasty and delicious three-layer cake. The cake is a lemon sponge covered with butter cream and is made up of numerous elements and personages which come directly from the universe of FFXIV. Let’s find out which ones.

A splendid cake to celebrate the anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV

For starters we have gods Cactuar, Sabotender e Gigantender made in the form of gingerbread cookies, decorated with royal icing and placed on a desert background made from cookie. Later they could not miss gods Chocobo, made from tangzhong bread and placed on a blue and white watercolor background representing the sky. We then have some Spriggan, these decorations, made of mochi and filled with custard, which tighten theirs precious gems made of kohakutou jelly. Finally, the decoration on top is a very nice one Moguri covered with dark icing. But it doesn’t stop there.

Final Fantasy XIV: make a beautiful cake to celebrate the 8th anniversary

In the realm of Eorzea the celebrations continue with the return of the event The Rising. The players who will participate between now and September 9 they will be able to travel to the Steps of Nald in the city of Ul’dah to help Jakkya, who appears to have gotten into trouble. The rewards for participating I am a Red Moon Parasol, a parasol decorated with a flaming moon, and a Nymeia Potpourri, a potpourri that transmits tranquility to even the most tormented souls. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you can take advantage of the free trial, which allows you to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay. Indeed, the test includes all content from A Realm Reborn until expansion Heavensward.

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