Apple sues Rivos: here’s what’s happening

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Apple has undertaken alegal action against Rivos. According to what was revealed in the case presented to the California federal courtla technological startup stole trade secrets of the computer-chip Apple after hired its engineers. Let’s find out more details together.

Apple takes legal action against Rivos

In his document, Apple stated that Rivos has hired over 40 of its former employees in the past year to work on competing technology “system-on-chip” (SoC); it also appears that two former Apple engineers have brought gigabytes of confidential information with parrot to Rivos.

Rivos is one startup stealth which has largely avoided public attention since its founding last year. At the moment the company did not respond to a request for comment; Apple instead he declined to comment on the lawsuit.

SoCs are integrated circuits that include several computer components in a single chip, including central processing unit and graphics processing unit. Apple said it spent billions of dollars e more than a decade of research on its SoC projects. We are faced with projects that have “revolutionized the world of personal and mobile computing,” according to Apple.

The Cupertino companyin his lawsuit, he also claimed that Rivos has deliberately tried to hire Apple engineers with access to SoC trade secrets of the tech giant. He has appointed two former engineers, Bhasi Kaithamana e Ricky Wenwhich allegedly led thousands of files with SoC projects e other confidential information to Rivos.

kaithamana did not answer immediately upon a request for comment; Wen, on the other hand, it could not be achieved for a comment.

According to the indictment, in addition, various currently unknown employees have took confidential documents when they left Apple. It also appears that the defendants attempted to cover up their tracks by deleting data from their devices.

The company claims its secrets could be used to “significantly accelerate” the development of competing SoCs. He then asked the court to blocs Streams from using its trade secrets; to order his former employees to return his propertyand to assign it one undisclosed amount of cash damages.

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