Coromon review: novelty with a nostalgic flavor

Coromon review: novelty with a nostalgic flavor

In this review we will analyze Coromon, the title of Freedom Games that winks nostalgic at the old Pokémon titles

How many hours have we spent playing Pokémon on our old men Game Boy. Whether it was early in the morning on our way to school, in the afternoon after finishing homework or in the evening before going to bed, those little monsters have accompanied the lives of many of us and, just like us, have evolved over the years. How much nostalgia in thinking about our first Charmander as he evolved and how many adventures spent alongside Pikachu.

These feelings resurface every time we mention them. The developers of Freedom Gameswhich they tried to create a totally innovative title, but that evokes that nostalgia that makes us feel sad and satisfied at the same time. But how will their work have gone? We just have to start this Coromon review in the PC version to find out together.

Difficulty for all tastes

Just like in one of the most famous titles Nintendo, in Coromon we will play the role of a teenager. If in Pokémon, however, our goal was to become the best trainers around by challenging the infamous Pokémon League, here instead we will become the dueling researchers. Just as the term implies, we will set out in search of knowledge, fighting against wild Coromon and other researchers scattered throughout the region of Velua.

The first real difference with the Nintendo title, however, can be found in the various levels of difficulty introduce yourself. In addition to those designed for more or less experienced players, the developers have thought well of create a level for those who love truly extreme challenges. Not only will the clashes be more difficult, but Only one Coromon can be captured per area. If then during a fight these fall to the mat, they will return to the wild abandoning our team forever.

During the course of the adventure, some “secondary objectives”That will provide us with rewards. In fact, inside the title it will be possible to find a kind of pass with rewards for each level. The more objectives are completed, the more items we will receive as a reward.

Coromon review: novelty with a nostalgic flavor

Lots of spinners and a glove – Coromon review

The capture function of these little monsters is almost similar to that of the Nintendo title. However, if we used pokéballs there, we will use pokéballs here instead spinner. The latter will have to be launched when the Coromons have little life to have a higher chance of success. As expected there will be various types of spinnerseach with a particular property.

Some will simply have a higher success rate than the basic ones, while others will be used to capture Coromon of various types or that have suffered a particular effect, such as paralysis or burn. At the start of the game we will also be provided with a glove which will serve to contain the spinners with Coromons belonging to our team inside, up to a maximum of six. However, this glove will not only serve as a container.

In fact, within the latter we will be able to mount modules, each with particular powers. To make a comparison with the most famous Pokémon, these modules will act as MN, only, instead of teaching a Coromon the move, we can activate it directly. This therefore relieves us from having to choose who to teach a move, or which to eliminate to make room for a skill that we will only use in the map.

In this sense there is another important difference with the Nintendo title. If there the Pokémon could only learn four moves, having to “forget” one, Coromons are endowed with an iron memory! During the fight we will be able to choose only four moves, this is true, but the others will not be forgotten, rather. It will be possible “re-equip themat a later time if we realize that the selected set is not up to our opponents. In this way we will be able to better face any opponent in any situation.

Coromon review: novelty with a nostalgic flavor

A solid technical sector with a retro taste – Coromon review

One of the things that most of all unearths good old memories is certainly the technical sector. Already starting from the pixelated graphics, with a shot strictly from above, we can find much of our childhood. THE models are well made and every place will have a very characteristic setting which differentiates him from others. Also there character customization is very wide and variedallowing us to always create a different avatar.

The audio sector is also good, with well-finished music in full game style, as well as various jingles. The possibility of being able to do so is excellent play with mouse and keyboard or with the pad depending on our needs. Throughout our experience the game has been very fluid, thus guaranteeing us the best possible experience from this point of view.

Although therefore the technical sector is so solid, We do not recommend using full screen on monitors that are too large or with high resolutions. We can therefore say that the game gives its best on small screens, such as those of a Switch or mobile phone. In fact, some versions for Android and iOSbut at the moment only the betas of the game can be found on the stores.

Coromon review: novelty with a nostalgic flavor

Capture them all!

We have now reached the end of this Coromon review and it is therefore time to draw some conclusions. The game presents itself as the nostalgic heir of Pokémon, capable of sticking to the screen recalling old memories, but making us live a whole new adventure. Although we have not said much about the story to avoid any spoilers, the adventure designed by the guys at Freedom Games is full of twists that can keep the attention of young and old alive.

Although there are many similarities with the more famous Pokémon, Coromon manages to deviate from the Nintendo title in many respects, first of all the increasingly difficult difficulties that the developers have introduced. Good is also the idea of ​​using a glove to move objects and for other useful upgrades during the course of our adventure, as well as the fact that the moves of the Coromons can be changed without being forgotten by them.

In short, a title that has been able to capture many of the negative aspects of the first Pokémon and turn them into strengthsgiving us major fights interspersed with mini-puzzles that will keep us busy for several hours. That’s all for this Coromon review. We remind you that the game is available for PC at a recommended retail price of € 16.79, while the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS versions are expected to arrive later in the year. For those wishing to take advantage of a small discount, we advise you to check the pages of Instant Gaming. In order not to miss further reviews regarding the videogame universe, keep following the pages of!

Points in favor

  • Curated graphics …
  • Various difficulties
  • Technical sector

Points against

  • … with less good rendering in full screen
  • Some minor translation errors