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Apple support: who to contact with any problem

Apple Support… Who to contact? This is not a trivial question. The reason is simple: the rules for Apple assistance, at least the official one, are very specific and discriminate between many cases. Some of these exclude the possibility of referring to an official repairer

It is evident that, at least in relation to these cases, the issue becomes more complicated and requires in-depth knowledge not only of the dynamics concerning assistance and guarantees, but also an awareness of the alternative solutionsrepresented by unauthorized laboratories.

We talk about it here, while providing an overview of the most frequent failures of Apple devices.

Apple devices, the most frequent failures

It goes without saying that each device boasts its own specificity. So the criticalities that can be found in an iPhone are different from the criticalities that are normally found in Macs. Yet there are some failures that are typical of all devices, and that at the same time reverberate with a certain frequency.

The reference is in particular to battery failures. In most cases, this charges too slowly or has a minimal duration. Not a small problem, especially for those who spend a lot of time away from home and do not always have a connection to the electricity grid at hand.

Another typical failure concerns the screen: a fall is enough to cause more or less serious damage, or even one break. To be sure, this type of failure mostly affects iPhones. The reason is obvious, and has to do with the methods of use: it is often held in one hand, and while performing the most varied activities.

Other common failures relate to connectivity and speakers. In both cases, the user experience is seriously compromised.

How warranty and assistance work

Let me be clear, the official Apple assistance can be contacted always and in any case. However, only in some cases is it free. Generally, access to “free” repair is allowed if two requirements are met: the device is still covered by warranty; the fault is not included in the exclusion cases.

The bad news is that the cases are quite numerous. Here is an overview of the most common ones.

  • Damage caused by improper use.
  • Damage caused by a modification to the device components.
  • Damage caused by interventions by parties not affiliated with Apple (eg repair attempts gone wrong);
  • Damage that only affects aesthetics (and marginally);
  • Damage caused by fires;
  • Damage to the screen that does not cause impairment of visibility.

In short, we are talking about very frequent cases. Indeed, in most cases the use of assistance is due precisely to the dynamics listed above.

What to do in these? Obviously, all that remains is to rely on authorized assistance, which is useful even when the warranty has expired.

In the collective imagination, unauthorized assistance is always less reliable than Apple’s. It is a prejudice, which does not correspond to the truth. There are many unofficial assistances that perform as well as “branded” ones.

Who to contact for Apple assistance in Naples

Obviously, there are assists and assists. The market is well fed, so you can find everything from mediocrity to absolute excellence.

What criteria should be used in the choice? Certainly, Apple assistance – when unauthorized – which is reached by numerous positive feedbacks deserves your attention. A good online presence, which acts as an information point on services and skills, is also an index of reliability.

Finally, it is also necessary to look at the approach to customer management, which must be transparent and provide for a communication channel that is always open.

In Naples there is aApple support which faithfully respects this identikit: Computer Science Naples. It mainly deals with PCs and Mac devices, Macbooks, iMacs, Mac Pro etc. Incidentally, Informatica Napoli also operates in the rest of Italy, as it relies on the express courier for collection and delivery.

In any case, its main advantage is the ability to operate in absolute autonomy: it does not rely on anyone intermediary. This means that repairs are quick, even faster than an authorized service guarantees. In addition, it boasts an experienced staff, which has many years of activity behind it.

Informatica Napoli is also characterized by an approach to customer management very accommodating. This is evident in the elaboration of the preventive measureswhich are detailed and are delivered extremely quickly.