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Apple tackles supply issues for the iPhone 14

Once again Ming-Chi Kuo reveals some interesting rumors about Apple. According to what the analyst shared on Twitter recently, the company is having supply problems with the iPhone 14. Specifically because of the lack of displays and memories. In any case, this will have a limited impact on the mass production of the new series.

iPhone 14: Apple struggling with display and memory supply problems

That Apple had supply problems for the iPhone 14 had been leaked on the net for a while. Earlier this month DigiTimes said the company was standing cutting orders of the new series by 10%. And this despite expecting a great demand from users. Apparently, the decision would depend on TSMC. The supplier dealt with three different customers who changed orders frequently, making it difficult to supply semiconductors. On that occasion, Kuo replied that “Apple’s slight adjustments to iPhone shipping forecasts (single-digit increase / decrease) are common, including new models before mass production”.

And then he added that “Apple does not usually significantly change shipping forecasts for new iPhones (double-digit increase / decrease) before launching new models and confirming actual market demand / feedback.” Weeks later, therefore, the analyst continues to hold his position. He declares that there is a supply problem, but that it will have “a limited impact on the upcoming mass production of the iPhone 14 because other suppliers can close the supply gap”. Indeed, to make the situation clearer, Kuo tried to explain what is really happening.

Speaking of memory, for example, he reported that Samsung “It is almost an old supplier for the 3Q22 and can meet the demand for increased production of the iPhone 14 Pro. Micron & SK Hynix will probably ship in the 4Q22 soon, because the certification program of the former started later and the latter has found quality problems “. For displays, however, Samsung e BOE “They can largely fill the initial supply gap caused by LG Display’s panel appearance issues. It is expected that LG Display shouldn’t take long to fix the problem ”. In this regard, in fact, it is interesting to note that the problems between Apple and BOE seem to have been solved. And that means the company’s new series will hit the market on schedule.

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