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Here’s how Bob Dylan will ban smartphones at his concerts

An old story that of cell phones at concerts. The topic has been debated for years, and many artists have taken a stand. There are those who like Bjorkfor example, before his shows, he broadcasts a message in which he politely asks to keep smartphones in his pocket during the live, and who like Bob Dylan bans them without appeal. After all, Uncle Bob has never been very diplomatic in this regard.

A discussion that has also divided the public in recent years. There are those who believe that a concert should be enjoyed without the distraction of electronic devices, and those who instead praise the freedom to capture the moment. A doubt that however does not arise at the concerts of the iconic American singer-songwriter, who for his tour Rough and Rowdy ways has decided to completely ban smartphones. But how? By kidnapping them? Not really.

Bob Dylan will ban smartphones at concerts thanks to Yondr cases

Although Italy is not among the stages of the European leg of the Rough and Rowdy ways Tour 2022, Dylan (who has been missing from the beautiful country since 2018) will still arrive in Europe, between France, United Kingdom, Scotland and Norway. During these concerts it will not be possible to introduce smartphones inside the venues, thanks to a collaboration with Yondran American company that produces closed cases for mobile phones, with a system similar to that of anti-shoplifting.

Upon entering the concert area, fans will be delivered a Yondr case in which to insert your smartphone. The case will then be locked, allowing the user to carry the mobile phone with them, but preventing it from being used. In case of emergency or need, fans can go to special workstations located in the designated areas phone free. Here the attendants will unlock the case. However, to re-enter the crowd, you will need to lock the device back into the magnetic case.

Yondr cases are currently also used for comedian shows Dave Chappelle, thus preventing fans from using cell phones during his shows. Already in 2019, during a concert in Vienna, Dylan had filmed the audience filming him during the performance of Blowin ‘in the wind. On that occasion the singer-songwriter had suspended the performance by asking, ironically and in full Dylan style: “Should I sing or pose?”. This, however, just before stumbling and almost getting very hurt.

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