Apple testa il Tap to Pay a Cupertino

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After announcing the feature Tap to Paywhich allows you to use your own iPhone as a POS to receive payments, Apple tests the function directly in Cupertino. Indeed visitors who want to enter Apple Park they will be able to make contactless payments directly on employees’ iPhones.

Apple Tap to Pay, Apple tests contactless payments on iPhone in Cupertino

Contactless payments with your smartphone are becoming the norm for many people. Take advantage of the smartphone’s NFC simplifies transactions: just place your device on the POS. But Apple introduced the ability to receive payments with iPhone in February. A way for small businesses to not have to make investments for receive contactless payments.

The feature will arrive in the United States later in the year. But al Apple Park Visitor Centre from Cupertino in California it is already reality. Apple employees can accept payments directly with their iPhone.

Tap-to-Pay apple

In this way, visitors will only have to bring their smartphone or credit card close to theiPhone (XS or later) of employees to log in.

The ad functionality only concerned the payment platform Stripewhile also the Dutch platform Adyen accepts payments via Tap to Pay. So much so that Apple could announce an expansion of the service outside the US borders at WWDC 2022 in June. Although nothing is confirmed and the problems Apple Payu is having with the‘European Antitrust could keep this technology away from Italy in the near future.

The potential of this technology could be enormous. One day this technology could theoretically also allow i money transfers between individuals and much more. And Apple is testing its use live at Apple Park.

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