Red Bull Stream If You Can: Wenkis wins with an all-female final

Red Bull Stream If You Can: vince Wenkis con una finale tutta al femminile thumbnail

During the all-female final which was held on Thursday 12 May, the audience and the conductor GabboDSQalong with special guests Dread and Delux from the Melagoodo Crew, have elected the winning streamer of Stream If You Can: Wenkis. Here are all the details.

Stream If You Can: vince Wenkis

The innovative signed format Red Bull e Melagoodo Crew has completed its mission: to find and “give wings” to the streamer of the future.

It was the one who got immense support from Red Bull and Melagoodo Crew Valeria “Wenkis” BarbaresiRoman streamer class of ’96, who managed during the months of the competition a build a loyal community.

It was indeed the most voted by the public, which has rewarded its spontaneity and lightness. The three finalists involved everyone with a fun and sparkling show, challenging each other with 20 minutes of stream each.

The girls have played some of the most famous titles, including VALORANT, MotoGP 22 and also Elden Ring. However, Wenkis’ performance – who chose to test himself on VALORANT – got the better of the other participants. Even GabboDSQ, in fact, has favorably evaluated the set of tests and results of the streamer, officially crowning her as the winner of Stream If You Can. Valeria commented on her victory as follows:

I did not expect this victory, I have to thank my community who supported me with immense affection for the entire duration of the competition. I didn’t participate with the aim of winning, I just wanted to share my passion with as many people as possible and obviously this impressed the spectators!

Red Bull and Melagoodo Crew are ready to lend their support to Wenkis. Stay tuned to the RedBullIT Twitch channel to find out where the Red Bull wings will take you. For more information you can also consult the official site.

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