Apple tests color E-Ink display for foldable iPhone and iPad

Apple al lavoro sul display OLED per iPhone Fold thumbnail

Apple would be testing i display E-Ink a coloriwhich would bring about iPhone e Folding iPad of the future. Something that should come not before 2025, when it looks like the company wants to release an iPhone Fold with an OLED screen. That on the outside it might have an EPD screen.

Apple would be testing color E-Ink displays for foldable iPhones and iPads

The indiscretion comes up Twitter and Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s expert analyst. According to Kuo, Apple would be considering using Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for your own folding smartphones. In fact, it seems that the Cupertino company has contacted a Chinese EPD manufacturer to develop displays Colored E-Ink.

EPD technology has the advantage of being more economically efficient, as well as not bothering the eyes as it is not backlit. Apple could use it for the external screen of foldable iPhones and iPads, for view Always-On information and notifications.

Kuo writes: “Apple is testing E-Ink’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) for the display covers of future foldable devices and for applications on tablets. Colored EPD has the potential to become a mainstream solution for the cover / second screens of foldable devices thanks to the exceptional energy savings “.

Kuo did not specify possible dates for the launch of this technology. But it looks like Apple wants to launch a 9-inch iPhone-iPad hybrid with foldable display for 2025. According to Kuo, we should first see this type of hybrid device, then move on to foldable iPads and only finally iPhone Fold. These devices may have a E-Ink display to read notifications other basic functions, while we will open the folding screen to stream content and play games.

These informations are still very uncertain: Apple may decide to discard this technology before launch. But they give us the opportunity to think about the future of Cupertino products: what role will E-Ink play in the next iPhones?

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