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Chills of the author, the film with Maria Grazia Cucinotta is coming to the cinema

Soon in cinemas Chills of authorship, the new film by Pierfrancesco Campanella starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Thrills of the author represents the return to directing of a feature film after 19 years of Pierfrancesco Campanella. The next work of the Roman filmmaker, rediscovered by cinephiles only recently, sees as the protagonist Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The director returns to address the genre thrillerhis favorite genre, also proposing a new way of interpreting the episodic movies.

What do we know | Thrills of the author

All the “ingredients” of this new work by Campanella are linked to the problematic personality of the protagonist, a “strange” director played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta who tries, with great difficulty, to make a film, in a subtle game of reflected mirrors where reality and fantasy live perpetually in disconcerting symbiosis. The various stories, apparently different from each other in style and content, basically all have the common thread of alienation and incommunicability that leads to violence predominantly against women. Very current issues today, in a 21st century in which aggression reigns, also due to the reckless use of social networks; without neglecting the psychological damage caused lately by the impositions due to the Coronavirus, which has ended up further compromising human relationships between people.

Chills of the author, the film with Maria Grazia Cucinotta is coming to the cinema

The production and the cast

Shivers is produced by Sergio De Angelis per Cinemusa srl e Cinedea srl. The screenplay is edited by Lawrence DeLuca and by Campanella himself. In addition to the Cucinotta, they are part of the cast of the feature film Franco Oppini, Emy Bergamo, Nicholas Gallo, Adolfo Margiotta and Chiara Campanellawith the special participation of Sebastiano Somma. Also worth mentioning is the return to the camera of the sensual and disturbing Gioia Scola, an icon of the genre cinema of the Eighties loved by fans, among other things, for Yuppies 2 and Under the dress nothing II. Finally, there is a nice actor cameo for the well-known computer engineer Paolo Reale. Shivering photography is by Francesco Cicconethe assembly of Francesco Tellicothe music of Fabio Massimo Colasantithe sets and costumes of Laura Camia.

What do you think of Chills of the author? Will you go see it at the cinema? Did you know Pierfrancesco Campanella? Let us know in the comments!

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