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Apple, the mixed reality headset moved to the second half of 2023

Apple, the mixed reality viewer moved to the second half of 2023 thumbnail

The arrival of Apple’s headset for mixed reality has been moved again: for “software related issues”will no longer arrive at early 2023 but in the second half of next year. We will therefore have to wait longer to see the new Cupertino product.

Apple delays the arrival of its mixed reality headset in the second half of 2023

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo ha explained that the Apple viewer, initially scheduled for the beginning of 2023, will instead be postponed to 2023, due to software issues. In all likelihood, Apple could announce this at the event WWDC 2023 of June for developers, together with the development kits for those who want to bring apps to the system.

Kuo himself had previously predicted that the device would be presented in January 2023 with a dedicated event, and then arrive on the market in the second quarter of 2023. The device could still have an official announcement in the first part of the year, but the production and the consequent arrival on the market will have to wait.

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This delay will affect the number of copies sold. Kuo writes that “Mass production of the components will still start in the first half of 2023, but due to a delay in the final product schedule, the Apple’s XR headset will sell fewer than 500,000 units below market consensus around 800-1,200 thousand”.

The new viewer from Apple it will cost a lot, according to forecasts. This will result in reduced sales outside the scope of professionals and early adopters. A tactic to give Apple time to lower production costs. And later launch more affordable versions of the viewer.

However, these are rumors, although they come from experts in the field. We should wait until 2023 to see Cupertino’s debut in mixed reality.

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