Apple, the suspended update for the new Home app. What to do in case of problems

Apple, l’aggiornamento sospeso per la nuova app Casa. Cosa fare in caso di problemi thumbnail

Apple withdrew the update (optional) of the new architecture of the Casa app after releasing iOS/padOS 16.2 for iPhone and iPad and Ventura 13.1 for macOS a few days ago.

The mystery behind the withdrawal of Apple’s Home app update

The online newspaper MacRumors was the first to launch the news, as an official communication from Cupertino arrived only several hours after the withdrawal of the new architecture of the Casa app.

The fact of having proceeded under the table has raised many question marks, as if the iOS 16.2 and Ventura 13.1 update should have made significant improvements in Apple devices, the disappearance of the update to the new architecture appeared to be strange.

After all, the requirements to access this update are always the same: have all the devices connected to iCloud and with one software version updated to 16.2 for iOS and padOS and 13.1 for macOS.

So the question arises: what happened?

Behind this hasty withdrawal there would be problems that some users have encountered with the HomeKit accessories after upgrading.

The problems concerned the accessories disappeared from the Home app or, for others, blocking HomeKit devices when updating or configuring devices. In addition several users have also reported the malfunction of HomeKit Secure Video and the failing invitations to share devices with others.

Following these difficulties, Apple would have decided to remove the new architecture from iOS 16.2 and Ventura 13.1 without giving any explanation, at least until a few hours ago.

Apple explains what to do to fix problems

Being a optional upgradethose who have not done so have been denied any possibility of accessing the upgrade, but those who have already switched to the new architecture have essentially found themselves in a limbo.

Yesterday, Apple published on its website a guide to solve the difficulties encountered by users who have upgraded the Home app optionally, focusing mainly on failure to receive invitations.

Here’s what to do according to Apple:

  • on the devices of the invited person, you need to open the Casa app e remove all houses without accessories. Like? Just click on the button with the three dots and view the “all houses” list;
  • to remove the houses it will be necessary to choose a house from the list and follow the following path: button with the dots – home settings – remove home. If the invited user already has accessories connected, you will need to contact Apple support;
  • at this point it will be necessary to restart the devices of both the invited person and the inviter, including HomePod and Apple TV;
  • on the inviter’s iPhone or iPad, open the Home app and remove any pending invitations. To do this, touch the three dots at the top – other – home settings – guest name – cancel invitation;
  • later you can again invite a guest to share control of the house.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, you should make sure that the guest accepts the invitation within 3 hours. In the event that the invitation expires, it will be necessary to repeat the steps from point 3 to point 5.

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