Here's how Netflix will limit password sharing in 2023

Here’s how Netflix will limit password sharing in 2023

The policy of Netflix has changed a lot in recent years, especially with regard to the delicate issue of sharing passwords and accounts. The platform has gone from offering shared plans to actually fighting those who use friends’ accounts. The most extreme move was announced just in these days: Netflix will ban account sharing starting in 2023. But how will he do? And why this change of course?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, worldwide, more than 100 million Netflix viewers use accounts borrowed from paying members. If we consider that currently Netflix subscribers are about 223 millionwe deduce that approx a third of those who watch Netflix do it for freerelying on paying users.

This practice has been resented but tolerated by Netflix, at least until today. 2022, in fact, recorded a remarkable decline in subscribers. Which is why Netflix has decided to put an end to the practice of password sharing.

Netflix plans to stop password sharing

According to reports from Androidpolice, Netflix’s plans aren’t so much to ban account sharing, as those of monetizing the practice. After a series of tests in South America, the platform is ready to introduce a price supplement for all those who decide to share their password with friends and acquaintances. The philosophy seems to be that of “if you can’t fight them, make them pay”.

A radical change from current subscription plans, which is closer than we think. The news should arrive already from the first months of 2023.

It’s currently unclear how much of the surcharge Netflix will impose for password sharing. Meanwhile, the platform has launched an affordable subscription plan with ads. This novelty, however, has not received positive opinions from users.

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