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Apple thinks we’ll be wearing Reality Pro all day

Apple has high expectations for the visore Reality Pro, which he thinks we’ll be wearing all day. So much that substitute iPhoneboth for Cupertino users and revenue.

Reality Pro, Apple thinks we’ll be wearing the headset all day

Apple’s AR headset looks set to go into mass production in March of this year. And from what emerges online, it should be the tech giant’s most ambitious launch yet. The analyst Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg he wrote in his latest newsletter Power On that Apple’s top executives see Reality Pro for everyday use. We’ll wear it all day and it won’t require you to log into a laptop or iPhone.

However, the high price could make it difficult for Apple to sell it to the mass public. With a three thousand dollar tag, it will be a niche product. Moreover, launched at a time when tech companies are laying off employees in view of a possible economic recession.

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Moreover, Gurman thinks the AR/VR headset won’t be functionally better than an iPhone or iPad, at least not for now. Those who want to consume media or call on FaceTime may prefer Reality Pro, but otherwise users will unlock their smartphone.

There are doubts about the success of the product, especially considering the price. But when the first iPhone was launched in 2007 for 600 dollars, many people believed it was too expensive. Is Apple once again ahead of the market?

Gurman writes: “The push towards augmented and virtual reality could one day lead to the successor to the iPhone. But there’s a real possibility that this first headset will turn into something Apple hasn’t had in years: a failure.”

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