Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

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In this article we will reveal everything you need to know about Dead Space Remake, the new remake of the iconic survival horror by Electronic Arts

Historical fans of the original Dead Space they will certainly be ready to face the horrors of the new makeover, but obviously they will not be the only ones to play the new title EA. In fact, this remake has also attracted the attention of many new players who have no idea what to expect from the survival horror of Motive Studio.

Many people like to buy some video games without doing much research first, but venturing into the Ishimura completely blind could be an all too traumatic experience. To help you better understand what kind of game Dead Space is, we have therefore decided to write this article, where we will reveal it to you everything you need to know about this fascinating remake.

Next Generation Experience – Dead Space Remake: What to know

First we want to let you know a purely technical detail about Dead Space Remake, that is the game is available exclusively for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | St. This information may disappoint players who only own older generation consoles, but unfortunately the developers could not do otherwise. In order to be able to give the right prominence to this remake, in fact, it was necessary make the most of the potential of the new generation. Furthermore, more than two years have passed since the arrival of the next-gen consoles and it is more than natural that some titles begin to be developed specifically for them.

Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

Fear in space – Dead Space Remake: what to know

Now it’s time to talk a little about history of the game although, of course, We will avoid spoilers. Dead Space is set in the 23rd century and sees you as the protagonist Isaac Clarkea simple engineer who works for a company that mines minerals in space. Isaac is sent along with a small team on USG Ishimura, a large mining spaceship that appears to be in need of repair following a major breakdown. Unfortunately, however, the team will soon discover that the ship is not only damaged, but is also overrun by monstrous creatures eager to slaughter them.

Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival, the shuttle with which they arrived will be destroyed and the survivors of the group will be forced to find an alternative way to escape this nightmare. Plus, as if surviving wasn’t hard enough, Isaac will also decide to go looking for Nicolehis partner and medical officer of the Ishimura.

Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

Precision Combat – Dead Space Remake: what to know

Dead Space is a survival horror and consequently is based on all the typical elements of the genre. In fact, during your adventure you will have to manage the resourcesnavigate within a limited inventory and solve several puzzle.

Dead Space, however, manages to distinguish itself from other survival horror thanks to its original combat system. In fact, in this title to kill the enemies you will not have to limit yourself to hitting them with everything you have, but you will have to disassemble them with precision. By cutting off the limbs of the creatures you can in fact eliminate them more easily and, in some cases, reduce their offensive capabilities.

Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

Body horror – Dead Space Remake: cosa sapere

If you love horror games, you will certainly be used to seeing very disturbing scenes but, to prevent anyone from being upset, however, we want to warn you on Dead Space. In fact, in this title there are numerous extremely gore and disturbing body horror scenes. During your adventure you will find yourself in front of tortured corpses, deformed monsters and many scenes full of violence.

In addition, as we have already told you in the previous paragraph, all the gameplay of the game revolves around the dismember and disembowel the bodies of creatures that infest the Ishimura. I mean, if this kind of thing really bothers you, maybe you’d better think very carefully before trying Dead Space.

Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

New Gravity – Dead Space Remake: What to know

Being set in space, Dead Space presents within it several playable sequences within areas a zero gravity. Unfortunately these gameplay sequences they have aged a lot over the years, but fortunately Motive Studio has succeeded in rejuvenating them. The team has completely overhauled these sections, making them much more free, dynamic and fun compared to the past.

Now in fact Isaac will be able to hover freely in all areas without gravity and will no longer be forced to jump from wall to wall to get a foothold. This is just one of many differences present in the remake but, if you want to discover them all, we suggest you take a look at ours dedicated article.

Dead Space Remake: What to know about the game

Get ready for the horror

This concludes our article on what to know about the new Dead Space Remake. Now for sure you will be well aware of the horrors that you will be forced to face if you decide to board the mysterious USG Ishimura. However, if you are interested in learning even more about the Dead Space Remake, you can find many others on our site articles dedicated.

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