Apple TV: There is pessimism about the future among the engineering team

Apple TV: c'è pessimismo sul futuro tra il team di ingegneri thumbnail

According to some rumors of these hours, Apple’s choices for the future of his Apple TV they would not find the consensus of the team of engineers working on this line of products from the Cupertino house. This was reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter. The analyst pointed out that there is a certain pessimism among Apple’s engineers regarding the success of future products in the company’s jumping product line.

Pessimism about the future of Apple TV among the engineering team of the Cupertino house

Apple, in the past year, has introduced few news for the Apple TV range focusing on the new Apple TV Remote, redesigned with clickpad and 5-way control for greater immediacy in use. The range is still awaiting more significant updates. According to Gurman, the engineering team working on this hardware division of Apple does not seem to be very confident about the company’s choices.

Possible future innovations

To continue to offer the Apple TV at current prices, according to Gurman, the Cupertino house would need a decisive change of course. Among the hypotheses there could be the making a “stick”, similar to Amazon’s Fire Sticks. Alternatively, it may be necessary introduce new features to enrich the product and make it more competitive, also in consideration of the price. At the moment, in any case, there are no confirmations regarding the possible arrival of substantial news for the range of living room products of the Cupertino company.