Steam Deck will be compatible with Windows 11: Valve confirms

Steam Deck sarà compatibile con Windows 11: Valve conferma thumbnail

Valve is hard at work making its next portable console, Steam Deck, ready for Windows 11. Although we have known for weeks that Steam Deck supports Windows, it was unclear what the extent of that support would be from Valve, which confirmed a few hours ago that the programmers are working hard together with. AMD to make Steam Deck compatible with Windows 11.

Steam Deck will support Windows 11

Not long before the debut of Windows 11 on PCs around the world, which will bring PC gaming to a period of great changes and innovations to adapt to the new operating system. Valve apparently does not want to be caught unprepared for this prospect and has announced that it is working to make Steam Deck a Future Proof console.

In practice this means that the company is currently working closely with AMD to make its newly announced portable console compatible with Windows 11. Valve designer Greg Coomer has already confirmed that for the moment the adaptation works are proceeding fast and that no particular incompatibilities were found between Steam Deck and the new operating system.

But why all this interest in Windows 11? It’s very simple: Valve is still refining games with anti-cheat on its future hybrid and there is no guarantee that titles like Apex Legends, Destiny 2, PUBG, Fortnite, and Gears 5 will work without Windows.

Valve’s new hybrid console, by any means, is already a runaway success with the public and pre-orders are coming in abundance. On the other hand, the portable console market is currently monopolized by Nintendo Switch and the arrival of a new actor, albeit very different in terms of software offering, has been greeted with great enthusiasm.

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