Apple unveils 8 cases where the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on-display turns off

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Just yesterday Apple released a new support document that provides further details on the new mode of ‘always-on-display from iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max. Specifically, the document lists 8 different cases where the display turns off temporarily. Are you curious to know which ones it is? Let’s see them together.

iPhone 14 Pro: that’s when the always-on-display turns off

As reported by Apple, to extend battery life, the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on-display goes completely dark on eight different occasions:

  • when the device is “face down”
  • whether the iPhone is in your pocket or purse
  • when the “Sleep Focus” is active
  • if the power saving mode is active
  • when the iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  • in case you don’t use your iPhone for a certain period of time
  • when the iPhone detects that you are walking away and you have an Apple Watch connected.

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According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models can learn users’ “business patterns”, and switch off / on the always-on-display consequentially. Basically, the mode is enabled by default on new iPhones, with the ability to easily disable it from settings. Plus, iPhone 14 Pro models can go down to one refresh rate up to 1 Hz to ensure that the always-on display does not have too significant an impact on battery life. According to the company, the feature uses multiple coprocessors in the A16 Bionic chip to update the display using “minimal power”, making it “incredibly energy efficient”.