Nintendo Switch Online: Harvest Moon 64 is coming (but only in Japan)

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In the recent Direct there was also talk of the new old games coming for the Nintendo Switch Online service, but it seems that Japan will have one more title than the West

During the recent Big N Direct, which we have already talked about in more detail here, some bombshell announcements came out. First of all the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Tears to the Kingdom, Pikmin 4 and also the new games for the Nintendo Switch Online service. However, it seems that the retrogaming gem, that is Harvest Moon 64will be released only for Japan, but let’s go ahead in order.

Nintendo Switch Online: Japan has an extra game

Of the games already announced for this service we talked about it here, but it seems that Japan aim for a perfect ten against the nine that will arrive here instead. In fact, between this year and the next, the Nintendo Switch Online catalog in Japan will be enriched with a new title.

The game in question will be Harvest Moon 64, in any case we leave you the trailer of ad below, released in 1999. A similar thing had already happened with the progenitor of this series, or the chapter for SNES a few years earlier, and with Custom Robo 1 e 2. Two games, the latter, which have never been released here in the West.

Of course, considering that soon you will be able to get your hands on gods again titles that made Kyoto’s 64-bit great it’s not that bad, but so a bit of a bitterness remains in the mouth. We therefore hope that decide to “fix it” soon and console ourselves with the most recent chapters of this saga, or not?

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