Apple: Updates for iOS 14 are only temporary

Apple: gli aggiornamenti per iOS 14 sono solo temporanei thumbnail

Apple confirmed that the security updates for iOS 14 will be available only for a “period of time“. The Cupertino engineers point to the fact that most users have already updated to iOS 15. On which they continue to work to remove bugs and add features.

Apple warns, iOS 14 security updates are temporary

With the arrival of iOS 15, Apple wanted to give an extra option to its users. Instead of updating to the new version of the iPhone OS right away, they could have stayed on more stable and now tested iOS 14. Receiving security updates, while Cupertino engineers fixed bugs and implemented new features in iOS 15.

However, yesterday Ars Technica reported that these security updates fall into a “grace period“, In which Apple fixes the early iOS 15 problems. Apple Insider contacted the company, which referred to a support document from September 2021 where we read that the security updates would be available on iOS 14 for “A period of time”.

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The latest system update happens to be iOS 14.8.1, released October 2021. However, the Apple website still reads: “iOS could offer the choice between two different software updates of the Settings. You can download the latest iOS 15 just released for the latest features and the most comprehensive set of security updates. Or continue with iOS 14 e still receive updates most important safety issues “.

At the moment, about the 72% of Apple smartphones released in the last four years (which can receive the update) has iOS 15. A high number if you think of the updates of Android systems or Windows PCs, where the great differences in hardware and applications make the adoption more gradual. But compared to previous iOS, this version travel slower towards 100%.

But while there is no indication of the initial grace period, it appears Apple is ready to see all of its users switch to iOS 15: currently. there are no updates in sight for iOS 14.

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