Pokémon Go: Celebi will be the prize of the Johto event

Pokémon GO: news on the Johto event, Celebi thumbnail will be up for grabs

Niantic has just shared some new information about the event dedicated to the region Management which will take place in Pokémon GO next February 26th. As of course we already expected this event will contain many references to Pokémon Gold and Silver and, according to what has been published by the software house, there will be a lot of field research to be completed in order to obtain exclusive prizes.

Pokémon GO: news on the Johto event

The first thing to keep in mind about Pokemon Go Tour: Johto is that it is a great in-game event inspired by video games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. This occasion will see various features offered to all players for free, but many of the event’s special missions and bonuses will only be available to players who purchase a paid ticket.

Niantic has already shared many details, such as the fact that it will see the much more frequent appearance of creatures belonging to the Pokédex second generation, but now the developer has revealed new information on the plot and the special research that players will receive if they buy the ticket for the event; a rather central component in this kind of occasions.

Players who purchase a Pokemon Go Tour: Johto ticket will then be able to choose between three Pokémon, the iconic starters of Gold and Silver, that is Chikorita, Cyndaquil e Totodile. The creature of their choice will accompany them in the game as they complete the special event quest. On the official Niantic website it is also possible to take a look at the steps of the special mission in question, if you are particularly curious.

The most interesting part of all this is that a Shiny Gyarados and the Mythical Pokémon will be up for grabs as a prize for this special quest. Celebi, whose availability in GO has always been very limited. An award that will surely appeal to many.

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