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Apple waives layoffs but cuts contracts with agencies

Apple is also cutting costs ma without resorting to direct dismissals of its employees, as done by other tech companies. According to a new report, in fact, the Cupertino house would be terminating early relationships with various temporary agencies thus reducing the “external” workforce. Here are the full details.

Apple cuts workforce but no employee layoffs

The cost-cutting policy also affects Apple, as confirmed by the New York Post. Apple’s workforce cut is not about laying off employees but about people contract workers made available by temporary agencies. In this way, in fact, the Cupertino house would have managed to significantly reduce costs, using hundreds of cuts to different job positions.

At the moment, there are no precise numbers regarding the cuts defined by Apple. Cost containment procedures are underway and would involve workers in various sectors of the company. In fact, many temporary workers were involved in the development of various projects of the company which will now have to reorganize the activities with reduced staff.

It should be noted that Apple, for now, has not commented on the report and has therefore not confirmed any workforce cuts. Further updates on the matter will come in the course of the next rounds.

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